Which Egg Do You Think Came from a Healthy Chicken?

It is very unfortunate that in this day and age many people do not know what is the main difference between a healthy and natural egg and an unhealthy one.

It is very important for the overall health that we only consume healthy eggs. Thus, we are here today to show you and teach you which eggs are the healthiest and why this is so important.

The first difference you need to know are the yolks and their colors. In fact, the yolks of the eggs can be dark orange, yellow and light orange. What do you think? Which one came from a healthy chicken? Let’s check it out!

Which Egg Came from a Healthy Chicken?

Dark Orange Yolk

If the yolk of your egg is dark orange, it means that it came from a healthy chicken and that it was given the right amount of space to move. Also, the chickens were not being kept in dark rooms without natural sunlight, instead, they enjoyed the outside sun. These chickens were also fed with grains and all kinds of insects. Thus, this is why their yolks are the most nutritive ones.

Yellow Yolk

If the yolk of the egg is yellow, the chickens were unhealthy and raised in factories in terrible conditions. Also, they have had no freedom, nor space or natural sunlight. They were also only given grains to eat. Apart from that, they lived in filth. Plus, most of them were hatched in incubators, which is not natural at all.

Light Orange Yolk

If the yolk is light orange, it means that the eggs are from local groceries. Also, the chickens were raised at big farms. Even though they have not lived in terrible conditions as the ones in big factories, they still lived in inadequate surroundings. Moreover, their diet was poor, grains only and without natural foods that chickens need so that they are healthy.

As you can see, the yolks can tell a lot about a health of a chicken. Therefore, next time when you are eating an egg, you will know if it was from a healthy chicken or not. Also, you can search for the eggs in the supermarket whose label says that the chickens were raised in the right conditions.

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