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Here’s the basic pattern. I used the buckle from a women’s belt (this was originally meant as a gift) and a cheap carbiner to help keep the cords lined up. This is actually a slightly tricky pattern if you’re new to weaving (not that I’m some sort of expert or anything), I would recommend starting with something simpler, like a regular sinnet or cobra stitch.

1. Getting Started

Start by anchoring the cord to the belt.

Measure off the desired length and loop the cord back. I like to loop the other end to a carbiner, as it can easily be slipped off later, and fix it with an elastic band or a knot.

Bring the two strands back to the buckle. Note that one strand comes out from under the buckle and the other goes in from above, this is very important. Just to be clear, I shall refer to the four strands that extend straight between the buckle and the carbiner as the spine or spine strands, and the two free strands as the weaving strands.

2. Loop Back

I call this step looping back. Weave each weaving strand around the two spine strands on it’s side, then back out, as in the photo.

Now tighten: hold or anchor the spine strands and pull the woven loops towards the buckle while pulling the weaving strands to remove the slack. In general I think it’s a good idea to pull the weaving strands tight in this step to help pull the two central spine strands apart.

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