This Miracle Drink Will Not Only Detoxify And Clean Up Your Liver But Will Also Help You In Losing Weight– In Just 3 Days!

Our liver converts the nutrients present in our diets into substances that the body can use, stores these substances, and supplies cells with them when needed. It also takes up toxic substances and converts them into harmless substances or makes sure they are released from the body.


As you know liver cleanses all the wastes and toxic substances from your blood, it is essential to detoxify it too, especially, if you’re overloading it with the toxic substances to make it function well. This beverage will naturally detoxify your liver.


-6 Cups of water
-3 Lemons
-1 Cup chopped parsley
-5 Celery stalks


Peel off the lemons and blend all the ingredients in a blender, except water. Once done, add the water and blend the combination again

Directions to use

This juice will detoxify your body. Try this for 3 days! Drink 2 glasses of it, 3 times a day for best results. During this period, eat light and healthy meal, avoid spicy food and more water. It would be great if you can do fasting and eat more raw food. This link will be very helpful if you want to learn about liver detoxification.

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