Rules For Smooth Sexy Skin Glowing scrub for face


Exfoliate your body and use a body lotion spiked with a sunless tanner that is one shade lighter than your desired shade at the end of the treatment. Start self-tanning your legs first and follow it up from the front to back. Applying light color two times will help to blend any streaks.

Salt body buffer from margarita:

Lime and tequila improve skin texture since they are able to naturally detoxify the skin. Blend one cup fine sea salt, juice from one lime, 2 oz. of olive oil and ¾ oz of white tequila. Rub this mixture onto your skin, in gentle circular motion, while showering. Follow it up with a hydrating body spray after Bath.

Backside smoother:

Use freshly brewed coffee grounds which help to dehydrate fat cells and makes skin smooth. Mix a handful of coffee grounds with a firming face mask and make a paste. Rub it over your bottom in upward circular motion and rinse it off after 10 minutes.

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