Rules For Smooth Sexy Skin Glowing scrub for face

Here are some tried and tested rules for the silky smooth skin. Try them and you will see the difference.

A rejuvenating face and eye massage:

To do a home facial, take a warm shower to open up your pores and take a seedless grape, chilled and cut in half. The powerful antioxidants contained in the grape will eliminate free radicals that damage the skin. Do a complete face massage by sliding the cut grape over your brows and temples, proceeding towards your forehead, and then moving downwards to your nose and over your cheeks.

Glowing scrub for face:

Use a face scrub which has beads or granules that remove dead skin cells as well as a chemical ingredient like lactic acid or glycolic acid that will help to dissolve them. Massage it gently into your face for over a minute, at least twice a week, to get best results. Using a gentle face wash prior to exfoliating helps to get a smooth and even skin tone.

Citrus Pedicure:

This treatment will leave your feet energized as well as removes skin callus. All you have to do is take a bowl of grapefruit, lemon or orange juice, dilute it with equal amounts of warm water and submerge your feet in it. Citric acid will loosen up dead skin instantly. Now, use a pumice stone to slough off the dead skin from your heels and follow it up with a foot massage for the entire foot with the oil-based sugar scrub. After rinsing it off, apply a soothing foot balm.

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