Natural Ways to Get Rid of Spider Veins

Method – 4: (Witch Hazel)

Witch hazel contains volatile and tannins compounds that strengthen your blood vessels to diminish the appearance of veins on your skin’s surface. It also tightens the distended veins, reduces pain and repairs the veins to get into the normal structure.

  • Pour 1/2 cup of witch hazel leaves in a pan filled with 1 cup of hot water.
  • Let it steep for about 10 minutes and then discard the leaves.
  • Let it cool for few minutes to reach a room temperature.
  • Apply it on the spider veins affected area with the help of cotton balls.
  • Wait for a minimum of 15 minutes and wipe it off.
  • Do the same process for twice daily till you get rid of spider veins.


  • Or apply a little witch hazel extract on the affected veins and leave it like that. Repeat it 2 times daily till you observe improvement.
  • Also, mix 1 tablespoon of vitamin E oil and 1/2 tablespoon of witch hazel in a small container. Shake it well and use it to massage gently on the affected area. Wash off with cool water after it dries completely.

Method – 5: (Cayenne Pepper)

Cayenne pepper stimulates proper circulation of blood with its compound called capsaicin and it also eases the pain and swelling of congested swollen veins.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder in 1 cup of hot water.
  • Mix well and drink it to get rid of spider veins.
  • Continue the intake of this cayenne pepper drink for twice daily till you get satisfied results.


  • Also, include cayenne pepper in your cooking (or) take its supplements by consulting your doctor (or) apply capsaicin containing cream or gel to the affected area to get rid of swelling and inflammation.
  • Also, it is not recommended to take cayenne pepper for pregnant or breast feeding women.

Method – 6: (Lifestyle Changes)

These are the lifestyle changes which you have to include in your daily routine to get rid of spider veins. You need to follow them 2 – 3 times daily till you cleared the problem.

  • Regular massage of the spider veins affected areas will help to improve the blood circulation and thus reduces pain, tenderness and inflammation. Warm oil massage (like olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil or castor oil) on the affected veins using gentle strokes for 10 minutes will give you relief from spider veins.
  • Exercise improves the circulation of blood to the overall body, strengthens the veins and reduces the discomforts and venous insufficiency problems. Walking, jogging, swimming or climbing stairs daily will relieve spider veins. Raise yourself on the ball of your foot and slowly get back to normal position.
  • Elevation helps relieve the pressure and improves blood circulation to the affected area. Place a pillow under the affected legs or hands while you sleep or at least 15 minutes for 4 – 5 times daily. If suffering from veins on your face, then sleep on the back with your head slightly elevated.
  • Compression stockings are available in knee-high, thigh-high and waist-high lengths. When worn daily, it improves circulation, relieves pain and swelling along with providing extra support. Consult your doctor to know how long and what type of stockings will help to get rid of your spider veins.
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