If you want thick and long hairs like this lady, use this conditioner on your hair

Have you noticed that our hair falls from front of head and central part of scalp only, not from the sides of head and also not from back of head?

This is because the skin on central and front part of head is very thin. So the thin blood vessels can’t provide enough nutrition to the root of hairs, and our hair starts falling apart. The only to solution to this problem is providing nutrition from outside. So today I am telling you about this nutrient rich conditioner that goes deep in inside your skin and makes you hair long and thick.

This includes following ingredients:

• Banana
• Coconut Oil
• Honey
• Egg
• Tea Tree oil (Optional)

Peel the skin of banana and mash the banana pulp in a bowl. Now add 1 tablespoon honey and One tablespoon of coconut oil in banana pulp. Mix them well.

Crack up the egg and separate the yellow part from it, add this yellow part in the mix. If you have itchy scalp and see skin flakes coming off, then you can add 5 drops of Tea tree oil in the mix too.

Your mask is ready. Apply this mask on your hair. Massage gently on your scalp and spread the paste on each strand of hair. Leave it to work for 1 hour and then wash your hair.

Do this on Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5.. yes only three times and your hair will look thicker and become stronger.

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