How To Make Chalk Paint

Have you heard of Chalk Paint? It’s quickly becoming the newest rage in the DIY circle, especially after a blogging conference this summer when a ton of bloggers were given little jars of very expensive Annie Sloan chalk paint. So many blogs I’ve read lately have been talking about it and it looks like a great product but the price? wow! Unless it comes with someone to paint the furniture for me, I’m just to cheap to pay that much.

Chalk paint is not chalkboard paint. It is a matte finished paint that is usually thinner and great for distressing/antiquing of pieces.

A year ago when we moved into this house the previous owners left us a very sweet gift that I love but I didn’t like the finish.

In person it was dark and hard to see the words when it was just sitting on the shelf. I actually even thought about giving it away but I really liked the message on it and the meaning of the gift so I just couldn’t do it. 11 months after we moved in I finally got the idea to just paint it. Let’s keep all jokes about how slow I am sometimes to ourselves and move on.

I knew I didn’t want a heavy coverage on it and I wanted it to be a matte look. Also to help the letters stand out I knew it would need a little tough love, also known as distressing.

So today I got busy and made chalk paint. I used an old tester pot of paint that originally cost me about $2.50, some old plaster of paris that I have had in my supply closet for way too long and hot water. That’s all it takes! Much better than the tiny tester of designer chalk paint for $16.

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