Hollywood, Protein Or Vegetarian Diet?

If you plan to make some life changes and start to take more care of your health, starting from weight loss, muscle building or building a healthy lifestyle, what you are advised to do is to insert freshness and change both fields equally. Namely, it is a healthy diet (or follow a diet) along with regular fitness sessions.

By relying on a diet without any change or progress in exercise, do not expect that something will change and will bring results and vice versa, practicing without considering the diet, we will surely just take your time and nerves.

Therefore, the choice is yours!


Only protein-rich foods or only ready-made protein products are sold in the pharmacy. Fats and sugars are ejected from the diet. This diet loses fat, not muscle, as is the case with other diets.

It’s hard for the body because the kidneys must work more. Additional vitamin supplements are recommended. Consumed protein products in combination with vegetables that do not contain carbohydrates. Drink at least 3 liters of water in order to dispose of waste materials from the body.

Opinion of experts:

Protein quickly satisfies hunger, so this diet is recommended to those who want to lose weight quickly. But if you get the slightest amount of carbohydrates or fat, the diet has no effect.


This diet involves the inclusion of large quantities of fruits and vegetables, especially pineapple and papaya. During the day, only one type of fruit or vegetables is eaten in an unlimited quantity, but three times a day. Such a diet can only be applied for a week.

Opinion of experts:

Do not use an unbalanced diet, if you have a bowel problem. You can hold this diet for 3 days in order to clear the body from toxins, because it is rich in vitamins and food fibers.

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