Full Body Stretching Exercises – 34 Best Stretching Exercises in 10-Minute Flexibility Routine

Your lifestyle regardless of what you choose, you have probably heard how important it is to stretch. This is extremely truthful as stretching increases the blood flow in your muscles and helps your joints to exploit their full range of motion. It also improves your posture and enhances your athletic performance making sure you reduce risk of pain and injury.

Knowing the importance of stretching is not sufficient when practising yoga or starting a flexibility routine. In order to make your exercises comfortable and safe, you need to know exactly which muscles are affected with each stretch and how to perform them correctly. Knowing this allows you freedom in choosing the stretches that meet your goals and body type correctly.

If you feel pain in some part of the body, this knowledge can help you to locate the troubled muscle with greater precision and change your exercises accordingly, avoiding any injury or over straining.

Stretching exercises should be felt in the belly of the muscles. Pressure or strain on your joints is a sign that you are doing something wrong, or pushing yourself too far. It is also important to focus on your breathing and try going through the movements with ease.

Stretching doesn’t matter how long it takes you to do. It is far better to turn your attention to feeling how your muscles ease back in their natural length, in a resting position. This can take anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds. You should always step back and evaluate. If a specific stretch is too tiresome, or fails to deliver any results, do not keep on practising it just for the sake of it. Just try a different variation.

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