Closing Ceremony of the Second “English as a Medium of Instruction” Training Program Successfully Held at Guizhou University
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On March 19th, the closing ceremony of the second EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) training program, presided over by Liang Fangyi, deputy director of the Office of Teacher Affairs, was held in the 221 conference room of the Dezheng Building on West Campus. Participants included Vice President Yang Song, coordinators from both the Office of Teacher Affairs and Student Affairs, as well as student representatives.   

Fu Leizi, the EMI trainer, following a brief summary of the training program, expressed his sincere appreciation for his part as the trainer and thanked all the trained teachers who completed the challenging EMI coursework. He hoped that, upon successful completion of the program, the trained teachers may embark on a new teaching “journey.” He underscored that, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – it will open up a new beginning for these teachers, not an end.  


Trainee representatives shared their thoughts about this learning opportunity. They happily explained how they were tremendously inspired by the intensive coursework and the varying teaching styles of their trainers. Most importantly, they were motivated to develop a student-centered focus for teaching, including the use of practical and beneficial examples when considering students’ learning styles. Lastly, they hoped to add their own personal touch to teaching methods and utilize their strengths to actively play a vital role in education.

Liu Zhijun, director of the Student Affairs Office, presents certificates to the trainees

In his speech, Yang Song pointed out how Guizhou University’s young faculty members can greatly benefit from international exchange programs like this, and it will further help studentsbecome globally competitiveand collaborative. He suggested that all the trainees should put the new skills into practice in an effort to improve their teaching. To make the most use of this opportunity, all of the participating teachers should stay connected and keep learning from each other through strong professional relationships, in order to reinforce academic strengths and pursue better learning outcomes.


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