The First Session on the Preparatory Work for the Fourth Meeting of College and Union Representatives Held at GZU
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On the morning of March 10, the first session on the preparatory work for the fourth Union Meeting of College and Union Representatives (hereinafter “Union Meeting”) was held in the 202 conference room of Xianzheng Building, West Campus. Linhu Caitao, deputy secretary of the GZU Party Committee, who would supervise all the preparatory work for the Union Meeting, presided over the meeting and outlined its arrangement. The whole preparatory task force attended the meeting.  

In her speech, Linghu Caitao stated that the Union Meeting is considered significant because the faculty and staff are entitled to exercise their right in managing and supervising school affairs. She stressed that it is highly important to make sure those involved in management at GZU democratically approach all concerns. With the spirit of this goal in mind, everyone should always handle things in a meticulous way. This holds especially true now since the Union Meeting will have new elections this year, requiring all parties involved to carefully consider all decisions and take everything step by step. The deputy secretary continually suggested that all personnel involved should communicate and collaborate with one another under the leadership of the GZU Party Committee. Furthermore, the GZU labor union, serving as a bridge between all entities involved in this work, should continue to offer further explanation for any issues in need of clarification. She hoped that all of these efforts will make the next election go smoothly.  

Fang Ren, the temporary executive vice-chair of the labor union, gave a report on a number of issues. The items discussed included a shortlist for membership into the fourth GZU labor union commission and the meeting’s panel members, roles and responsibilities for each task force, and a time frame for the meeting.

Text: Chen Xing, GZU Union

Photography: Xu Gui’e, GZU Union

Chief Editor: Wu Yujin

Senior Editor: Liang Yukun

Translator: Li Xiaorong

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