DIY Aspirin Mask, Heals Acne, Reduces Puffiness and Gives You Clearer Skin

Aspirin does more than just rid you of nasty headaches. Actually, the anti-inflammatory properties in aspirin make it great for a number of uses, even clearing your skin.

To make your own aspirin mask you just need a bottle of regular aspirin or you can use Goody’s or BC Powder which are essentially aspirin with caffeine added. If you are using standard aspirin tablets, just take 3 tablets and dissolve them in a little water.

Once you have a paste-like substance, you just apply this to your face and over time it will help to give you clearer skin. Because aspirin is an NSAID, it will also help to reduce puffiness, just be sure not to get it in your eyes.

Incidentally, you can also add aspirin to pimples and blemishes a couple of times each day as a spot treatment and clear acne and other spots up rather quickly.

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