Best Way To Reduce Belly Fat and Love Handles Naturally

Belly fat and love handles are not only the signs of the unhealthy body but are also a shame. Many people around the globe are struggling with the obesity and are consuming many medications. But to cure yourself of such situation you need to find the root cause behind it and treat them step by step.

The expanding of a belly indicates that you are adding some visceral fat to that part. It is a bad fat as it will behave like a separate endocrine organ. It forms a layer that will surround the kidneys, liver, or intestines. This fat will lie under your skin in the areas like the thighs, arms or buttocks and they will release a hormone that will imbalance the blood pressure of your body that will cause metabolic disturbances.
The best way to lose belly fat and love handles

Cardiovascular Exercise

Exercise is the best way of losing fat from the belly or the love handles. Physical activity has a greater effect on these things than any medications. For reducing belly effectively you need to spend at least 250 minutes in the gym. Try to perform brisk walk, hiking, swimming, grum cardio.


Try to eat low-calorie food and intake the amount of food which your body can burn. Cut out the soda and reduce extra calories. Avoid foods like the baked goods, pizza, and bread. Consume more egg whites, fish, skinless poultry, lean steak, eat yogurt, nuts, and fruits.

Other than these changes your lifestyle and reduce stress because a little change in your diet and doing some exercise can improve your health condition rapidly.
What foods to eat to lose belly fat and love handles?
Diabetes Will Kill You (Do This To Stop It)
Diabetes Will Kill You (Do This To Stop It)

Having a proper diet can help you to get rid of belly fat, and love handles. But everything should be consumed in the proper amount for the proper functioning of the body.

Oat Bran

Oatmeal is the best food to start the day with. It is a good breakfast, and you should consume 8 grams of fiber and 12 grams of the protein contained in each cup. They are produced from the husks of oats. Try not to add many kinds of syrup or brown sugar to it. Mix it with cinnamon and low-fat milk.

Sweet potatoes

They are the kind of the slow carbs. It has the magical ingredients in them; they are, antioxidants and carotenoids that help to stabilize the level of blood sugar in the body and prevent the body from converting calories to fats. As they are rich in vitamin so they will give you enough strength.

Shredded Wheat

Buy the cereal that has a low count of sugar and much fiber. This brand of cereal is for people who want to lose their belly fat or love handles. It has zero amount of sugar, and each serving contains fiber of 9 grams.

Minestrone soup

They are the most famous soups. Try to buy the one with chunky and thick soups like that of minestrone. They have a high content of fiber and does not have extra sugars in them.
What causes love handles?

Love handles are easy to get and hard to get rid of. There are many causes of developing love handles, and some of them are:

In taking excess calories.
Drinking of excessive alcohol can make you crave for fatty foods.
If your diet lack protein then your blood sugar level won’t be balanced anymore which can cause love handles?
If you are a gym goer then lifting heavy weights can overdevelop the muscles in the abdominal area causing abdominal musculature.
If you don’t burn your calories than they can increase the fat level of the body around your abdomen.
Low testosterone in men.
Especially men who do not perform any kind of exercise or have proper diet will develop love handles, and that will make them prone to heart attacks and develop diabetes mellitus of type II.
Having too much stress.
In women, due to pregnancy, the belly of them sags as the muscles face many tears during the pregnancy.
After the menopause, the level of estrogen will get reduced, and that can lead to fat deposition in midsection part of the body.
Women who are having pear or apple shape bodies will easily accumulate fat near the abdomen.
With growing age, the metabolism of each people declines and that results in deposition of fat.

Love handles exercises

There are many exercises which you can do to reduce the love handles. Some of the effective exercises are described below. Follow the instructions properly and do it regularly to get effective result.

Oblique Press and Reach

First, you have to kneel on your left knee and keep the other foot out in the front. The foot will remain flat on the floor and will form an angle of 90 degrees. Try to keep the muscles of abdomen tight and keep the back straight, and the tailbone should be tucked. Now hold the entire weight in the right hand and then extend your arm to the other side and now bend at an angle of 90 degrees and keep the fist in the air. Now you have to reach up by extending in the air and bend the body to the left side and then touch your fingertips to the floor. Then again pull yourself with the help of oblique muscle. Try to perform 3 sets each containing.

Side plank crunch

You can start with the right elbow and keep the right foot in the front of the left foot. Try to keep the core tightened. Now slowly bring the right knee close to the chest and then crunch the left elbow. Now do it with the other side. Perform 3 sets every day.

These are some few effective ways to try to get a fit body and always burn all the extra calories from your body. For best results continue this routine properly and don’t forget to take the pledge of ‘Eat healthy stay healthy.’

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