9 Best Exercises to Reduce Love Handles fat!

Love handles are the excess fat deposits on the Accessories sides of the waist. It is caused mainly due to poor eating habits, junk food intake and alcohol consumption. Women also undergo a lot of hormonal changes when preparing the body for childbirth, which is again a reason that contributes to love handles.

Exercises To Reduce Love Handles:

Here are a few exercises which can help you reduce the love handles and tone them to have the perfect curves of your dreams. Follow them rigorously to get rid of love handles.

1. Bicycle Crunch:

Bicycle crunches help reduce waistline and visibly reduce love handles in 3-4 weeks of continuous exercise.

How to lose love handles through bicycle crunch:

• Lie down flat on the back and pull the legs inwards, with knees folded and hands above the head
• Now lift the right leg and try to touch the knees to the left elbow, lift upper body simultaneously Get back to normal position and repeat with the other leg
• Do this 25-30 times for both the sides. Do not thread fingers behind the head. It may cause jerking on the neck.

2. Plank Crunch – Sideways:

The level of difficulty for this particular exercise is higher than others, but it is an excellent work out to get rid of the love handles.

To Perform:

• Lie sideways lifting the upper body on the left elbow and legs resting one over the other
• Now raise the hips to have the head, hips and legs in a straight line (the plank position)
• Put the right hand over the head with elbow folded
• Now lift only your right leg and bend the right elbow to touch them both
• Hold for 2 seconds and get back to plank position

Do this on both sides for 20 times in sets of 10. See the results in a matter of 4-5 weeks.

3. One Hand Toe Touch:

This exercise helps burn excess fat from the lower abdomen and waist and is the best love handle workout. Losing love handles is made easier with this exercise.

To Perform:

• Sit with your legs out in front of you at shoulder length distance
• Pull your right leg inside, resting the sole flat on left inner thigh
• Now point the left hand’s fingers at the ceiling while you lift the hand
• Bend till you touch your left toe
• Hold for 5 seconds, then repeat
• Stretching for 10 times on both sides at least twice is important for this exercise to be effective.

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