7 Steps to Get Rid of Love Handles (Without Going to The Gym)

The term “love handles” can be misleading. The better term is belly fat, but people do not want to admit they have belly fat. In fact, belly fat that accumulates around your torso is one of the best indicators of poor overall health.

And the fact of the matter is that getting rid of love handles is easier said than done. Working out is just one way.

But even if you work out regularly, you might still have belly fat around the torso. You work hard to get in shape, but you just cannot get rid of those love handles.

Well, believe me when I say it, you are not alone. In fact, most people have troubles to get rid of them.

The reason is simple. Working out the area around the belly will not help you get rid of excess fat.

You will, however, strengthen the muscles underneath the fat. And that is important. But in order to completely get rid of love handles, you need to follow these seven steps.

Step 1 – Ditch fats

You do not need to completely throw away fats from your diet. There are good fats and bad fats. What you need to do is consume more healthy fats and less bad fats.

A healthy person needs to get 25 to 35 percent of his/hers calories from fats. But we are talking about omega-3 fatty acids here and other healthy fats.

What you need to do is get rid of saturated and trans fats coming from processed and fried foods.

But do not completely stop consuming fats. It might sound illogical, but you need fat in order to burn fat. As mentioned previously, consume healthy fats, and you will burn more calories.

Step 2 – get rid of sugar

Same as with fats, there is healthy and unhealthy sugar. The healthy sugar comes from fruits and whole grains. The unhealthy comes from sweets, cakes, chocolates, and so on.

You understand what we are talking here. You can read more on good and bad sugars here.

Another option is to use healthy sweeteners. For example, stevia is a great way to still add sweetness to your meals, but without the harmful effects of processed sugar.

Unhealthy sugars lead to carbs craving, which will only result in extra pounds the next step you step on that scale.

Step 3 – Get some cardio workout

Your goal should be to burn 100 more calories per day. I know that sounds little, but 100 calories per day equals 700 calories per week. And that is in addition to your regular exercise.

Here are some ways how to scorch 100 more calories.

Wash your car
Walk your dog for 20 minutes
Swim for 15 minutes
Walk an extra mile
Hit the stairs at work or home for 15 minutes
Drink one less 12-ounce beer
Skip fries and get a salad instead
Lose one slice of bread of your sandwich
Use mustard instead of mayo

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